Unlocking the power of America's family forests to fight climate change

We empower family forest owners to improve forest health and help the planet.

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Together, we’re addressing our most pressing conservation challenges.

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The potential in America’s family-owned forests has largely been undervalued.

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The American Forest Foundation is an ambitious conservation organization.

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Our Mission

The mission of the American Forest Foundation is to deliver meaningful conservation impact through the empowerment of family forest owners. Working together, we strive to tackle climate change and positively impact the health of America's family forests, our communities and the planet.

How We Do It


Working together, we’re tackling our most pressing conservation issues.

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Tools & Support for Landowners

We’re connecting family forest owners to the resources they need.

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Government actions can support both landowners and conservation.

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Philanthropy & Giving

Your support helps empower America’s family forest owners.

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From the Family Forest Blog

May 5, 2023

What Landowners in Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin Can Expect from the Family Forest Carbon Program

There’s a buzz in the air and it’s not the mosquitoes — yet! The Family Forest Carbon Program recently expanded to include select counties in Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin, and foresters and family forest owners alike are excited. 

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The Family Forest Carbon Program helps forest landowners participate in the carbon market.

April 28, 2023

Carbon Markets 101

When we say we are selling “carbon," we’re not speaking literally. We don’t come to your property and extract a tonne of carbon, the element, put it in a box and ship it to a corporation. What we’re really selling is a claim — specifically, the claim that a tonne of carbon dioxide has been kept out of the atmosphere as a result of a specific action — in this case, a carbon program.

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April 22, 2023

AFF Celebrates Earth Day Through #TreeFeatures (Part 2)

As part of our #TreeFeature Campaign, AFF is showcasing the MVPs of the forest – trees that fight climate change by capturing and storing carbon and protecting the health of flora and fauna alike in their ecosystems.

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