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Estate Tax Contributes to Forest Loss

Estate Tax Contributes to Forest Loss

Families own 282 million acres of America's forests, more than any other ownership group, including the federal government. And most of these families don't make six figure salaries. When family forest owners are hit with a large estate tax bill, some are forced to sell off land or harvest timber prematurely.

estate tax levels impactIf Congress doesn't fix the estate tax, many more families and millions more acres of forestland will be threatened by the estate tax.

Learn more about how the estate tax affects family forest owners in AFF's report, "The Impact of Estate Taxes on Forest Stewardship".

Private forests provide essential public benefits--clean air, clean water, wildlife habitat, recreation, wood products, and good paying rural jobs. Forests aren't like penthouses in Manhattan and shouldn't be taxed the same way.

The estate tax threatens our natural resources.

Get the facts:

  • 25% of America's clean water is filtered through private forestland.
  • 60% of at-risk wildlife depend on private forests for habitat.
  • More than 15% of America's forests—and 52 million acres—are owned by someone 75 years or older.