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Working together, we can achieve strategic outcomes and tackle our nation’s most pressing conservation issues.

Solving big challenges around carbon, wildfires, wildlife, water and sustainable wood supplies doesn’t just benefit the environment—it benefits companies and communities too.

That’s why the American Forest Foundation is not only focused on innovative conservation solutions that engage and support family forest owners. We take a step further and work to align the needs of landowners with the needs of conservationists, corporations, community-based organizations, policymakers and more.

Every day, we connect our partners with smart opportunities across virtually every aspect of conservation—from carbon solutions and climate change to wildlife and wildfires. Contact us to learn more, and sign up for our IMPACT newsletter to stay up to date on our latest stories and successes.

A way to support climate goals & American families

Developed by the American Forest Foundation and The Nature Conservancy, the Family Forest Carbon Program is a new approach to forest carbon projects in the Voluntary Carbon Market that offers companies top quality, third-party verified carbon credits generated by family forest owners who implement sustainable forest management on their land. 

For companies taking a comprehensive approach to a net-zero emissions strategy, it’s an effective way to take that last step in addressing outstanding or residual emissions. The program also provides companies with an opportunity to go beyond carbon by catalyzing the improvement of forest health and wildlife habitat while supporting rural landowners, American families and local communities. 

At the American Forest Foundation, we know we can solve our biggest environmental challenges when we work together. Contact us today to learn more about how you can be part of this innovative solution.

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