How We Do It

Tools & Support for Landowners

We’re connecting family forest owners to the resources they need to make a positive conservation impact on their land.

Family Forest Carbon Program

An innovative, credible program that enables family forest owners to access carbon markets, empowering them to improve forest health and help address climate change while earning income from their land.

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American Tree Farm System®

A nationwide network of landowners committed and verified to adhere to sustainable forest management practices that ensure the provision of wood supplies, wildlife habitat, recreational opportunities and clean water.

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Landscape Management Plan

A credible, third-party-approved forest management plan written for an entire region instead of an individual parcel of land. LMPs reduce the need for individual forest management plans, saving time and money.

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Advocacy Action Center

An opportunity for landowners to share their stories with state and federal legislators. By engaging in our advocacy campaigns, landowners can take action on the issues that matter to them and their land.

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