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Increase Sustainable Wood Supplies

Family-owned forests play a major role in our nation’s wood supply.

Family-owned forests provide 50% of the wood that flows into the U.S. supply chain.

The majority of forests in the United States are family-owned, so it’s no surprise that family-owned forests are critical to our nation’s wood supply.

What it means to be sustainable

Sustainably produced wood comes from forests that are managed for a full range of benefits and functions—where forest owners work to protect clean water and wildlife habitat, replant after harvesting, and promote diversity while combating invasive species. These actions ensure that forests stay as forests and continue to produce benefits well into the future. 

For more information on sustainability and third-party certification, check out the American Forest Foundation’s American Tree Farm System,® our longstanding network of 69,000 family forest owners sustainably managing 18 million acres of forestland in the United States.

The American Forest Foundation is working across the country to engage landowners in sustainable forest management practices.

As one example, we’ve partnered with a diverse group of universities, government agencies, conservation organizations and industries to support the White Oak Initiative whose mission is ensuring the long-term sustainability of America’s white oak forests.

Learn more about partnering with us to support family forest owners in sustainable forest management practices and ensure the long-term sustainability of our nation’s wood supplies.

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