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Protect Clean Water

We need healthy forests to protect our nation’s water supply.

Healthy forests = clean water

Forests act as a natural water filtration and storage system—regulating stream flow and reducing flooding. They also help keep water clear by capturing contaminants before they reach rivers and streams, holding soil in place, and minimizing erosion and sediment runoff.

Water & wildfires

In certain areas of the country, particularly in the West, droughts and overgrown forests are causing catastrophic wildfires that hinder forests’ ability to keep water clean.

This happens because wildfires essentially “bake” the ground, destroying the natural filtration system of the soil and creating a hard-packed layer (much like a parking lot). This can lead to severe erosion, debris flows and water quality degradation.

Not just a public lands issue

We must protect our water supply from growing threats like catastrophic wildfires, but contrary to popular thinking, protecting our watersheds is not just a public lands issue

In fact, more than 25% of U.S. freshwater flows through and is filtered by private and family-owned forests. Further, more than one-third of the forests in critical drinking water watersheds that are at high risk for wildfires are privately owned. 

That’s why a key priority of the American Tree Farm System,® our nationwide network of family forest owners, is the implementation of sustainable forest management practices that ensure clean water.

The American Forest Foundation is also proud to support and participate in innovative partnerships like the Kootenai Forest to Rivers Initiative (Montana), Chaffee Treats (Colorado) and My Blue Mountains Woodland (Oregon)— which aim to protect our water supply through proper forest management and wildfire risk reduction. 

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