Valerie Craig

Senior Vice President, Conservation

As senior vice president of conservation at the American Forest Foundation, Valerie Craig uses her wide range of experiences in delivering impact-focused programs to engage family forest owners in the creation of products and programs that achieve great impact, in a way that is inclusive and equitable.

Valerie has centered her career around her passion for conservation. Before coming to AFF, Valerie worked at National Geographic Society as the Interim Chief Science and Innovation Officer where she spearheaded the organization’s efforts to deliver impact-focused programs and grants related to global conservation, history, and culture. During her tenure at National Geographic, Valerie provided vital program leadership both domestically and internationally on issues like landscape protection, sustainable fisheries, ocean plastics pollution, and illegal wildlife trade. 

When not working to tackle our nation’s most pressing conservation challenges, Valerie enjoys cycling, camping and hiking with her sons and dogs, and getting creative with new recipes in the kitchen and sharing a meal with friends and loved ones.

  • Favorite Tree

    Sugar Maple

  • Favorite Forest Activity


  • Favorite Wildlife Critter