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Putting Our Best Digital Foot Forward

Glynnis Breen

October 7, 2021

Woman walking in forest with sun shining through trees

Friends, I am thrilled to share that we have just launched a newly designed website—the first large-scale representation of a comprehensive strategic branding exercise we began last year.

I am proud of the end result. With the help of our amazing staff and partners, we were able to identify our most powerful assets as an organization, delve into the many strengths of our programs and hone our unique contribution to the conservation space.

We used this knowledge to develop a refreshed, authentic narrative which is now woven into the core of our new site. As a communications, marketing and strategy buff, work doesn’t get more entertaining and rewarding than that.

As you explore the site, you might notice that we updated the structure and design, and streamlined the content, to provide a visually compelling, holistic story of who we are, the importance of family-owned forests and the many innovative ways we are working with our partners to empower American family forest owners. These are the folks helping our forests thrive—and our beautiful planet earth needs their action.

Our website was last updated in 2011,  so the new site is undoubtedly an upgrade from a technological standpoint as well, allowing us to better track our engagement efforts, integrate an improved online donation system and regularly showcase valuable, dynamic and shareable content throughout. This update certainly puts our best digital foot forward. 

While our look is fresh, the essential work of the American Forest Foundation as a mission-driven and results-oriented conservation organization has not changed. And we hope our new site provides you with a better understanding of what we do, how we do it, why we do it, and, ultimately, what we are all striving to achieve. 

This is our story. I trust that you will join me in enthusiasm not just for the AFF website itself but for what it helps us accomplish as an organization moving forward. After all, it’s only with your support and partnership that we can tackle our nation’s most pressing conservation issues. Please don’t hesitate to reach out.  

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