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Maryland Landowner Sees the Potential in His Land

American Forest Foundation

November 17, 2022

The Trezise family. Photo by Bryce Trezise, courtesy of U.S. Nature4Climate.

The Trezise family. Photo by Bryce Trezise, courtesy of U.S. Nature4Climate.

Bryce Trezise, a Maryland landowner enrolled in the American Forest Foundation's Family Forest Carbon Program, recently shared his story with our partners at U.S. Nature4Climate. He discussed the challenges his family faces caring for the land and their desire to do what they can to help the planet.

My family cares about being good stewards, supporting wildlife, and we want our property to be something that contributes to a larger cause like climate change.

Read this landowner's full story on U.S. Nature4Climate's blog.

Learn more about enrolling in the program by visiting the Family Forest Carbon Program website.

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