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Glynnis Breen

January 31, 2022

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Continuous improvement and innovation – these have been the bedrock of our AFF mission for more than 40 years.

From the evolution of the American Tree Farm System®, our nationwide network of family forest owners committed to sustainable forest management practices, to the acquisition of WoodsCamp, an online tool that matches landowners with funding opportunities and services, we have never wavered from those core values.

Our communications and marketing efforts reflect that priority as well. We are continuously improving and innovating as we work to tell the story of our nation’s family-owned forests.

"The essential work that family forest owners are doing to maintain the health and abundance of our nation's forests hasn't changed. What we learned, though, is there might be a more compelling way to tell that story and engage new partners to drive the conservation we seek."
—Glynnis Breen

We recently conducted a strategic branding exercise and a comprehensive assessment of the environmental and economic challenges facing our nation today. Through that effort, we were able to identify our most powerful assets as an organization, delve into the many strengths of our existing programs and really pinpoint the unique contribution and value family forest owners bring to the conservation space.

The essential work that family forest owners are doing to maintain the health and abundance of our nation’s forests hasn’t changed. What we learned, though, is there might be a more compelling way to tell that story and engage new partners to drive the conservation we seek.

According to a 2021 survey conducted by the Pew Research Center, more than eight in 10 Americans get their news from digital devices and an organization’s website is typically where you make that pivotal first impression. Wanting to make ours a good one, we began by weaving our updated brand story into a redesign of the American Forest Foundation’s website, which we launched this fall.

Now, when you visit our website (, you’ll notice refreshed language and dynamic visuals that provide a holistic story of who we are, highlight the importance of family-owned forests and emphasize the unique value we bring to tackling today’s most pressing conservation issues – notably climate change, wildfires and biodiversity.

Curious? Here’s a look inside our new website and our new brand.

A Look Inside AFF’s New Website

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What We Do

We empower family forest owners to make a meaningful conservation impact in carbon sequestration, wildfire reduction, wildlife habitat, clean water, sustainable wood supplies and support for rural communities. We’re proud to work with a broad coalition of partners across the United States in developing and implementing innovative solutions that engage family forest owners in effectively addressing our nation’s most pressing conservation challenges. Together, we’re fostering communities, working to cultivate the many benefits that come from family-owned forests and demonstrating the value of those benefits for American communities, companies and landowners alike.


How We Do It

We believe we must work together to effectively address our nation’s most pressing conservation challenges. In order to fully realize the many conservation benefits American family-owned forests provide, conservationists, corporations, community-based organizations, policymakers and family forest owners must work as a team. The American Forest Foundation is the only national conservation organization actively working across all of these groups to empower family forest owners to unlock the conservation potential in their land.


Why We Do It

America’s family-owned forests can help us reach our conservation goals – but their potential has largely been overlooked and undervalued. Truth is, family-owned forests are vital to conservation efforts. They can increase carbon storage, mitigate catastrophic wildfires, improve wildlife habitat, protect our water, increase sustainable wood supplies and support rural communities. And because private and family-owned forests represent the largest portion of U.S. forestland, their contributions are essential. Especially today, as we face growing threats from drought to development, it’s more important than ever for family forest owners to actively steward their land.

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Who We Are

The American Forest Foundation is a national conservation organization that works to empower family forest owners to make a meaningful conservation impact on their land. Driven by a shared purpose, a focus on verifiable results and a culture of continuous improvement, we strive to cultivate the many benefits family-owned forests provide – and ensure that these benefits are valued, paid for and supported at a national scale. At the end of the day, our dedicated and mission-driven team believes in a future in which family forest owners, conservationists, corporations, community-based organizations and policymakers work together to overcome our nation’s most pressing conservation challenges.

Get to Know AFF’s VP of Communications, Glynnis Breen

Glynnis Breen-Headshot

Glynnis Breen drives engagement for the American Forest Foundation. She is responsible for positioning our emerging and compelling brand story, and oversees communications across a broad coalition of partners, corporations, policymakers and family forest owners.

Prior to joining the American Forest Foundation in 2020, Breen spearheaded global outreach initiatives, oversaw engagement for Explorers and secured international partnerships for the National Geographic Society.

Breen’s passion for mission-driven conservation work shines through in both her professional and personal life. She is at peak happiness hiking mountains and tromping through her local woods with her family.

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